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First Coast Community Development

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Our Mission:

Innately educate about HIV and holistic health importance, while demonstrating our profound empathy and care to all.


Core Values:

We uphold “Compassionate Service” as our core value, fostering respect, nurturing family bonds, radiating empathetic understanding, and bestowing grace in all our interactions.

Did You Know?

Florida is third in the nation for HIV cases.  Exposure to HIV is not linear; you may become exposed through more than one way.

Our Services


We are your direct source to prevention!  If you are looking for testing, education or access to your prevention medication, such as pep or prep-we are your go to resource.


All of our services are at no cost to you with accepted insurance. If you do not have insurance, we have an on-site rep ready to sign you up for a plan to get you the care that you may need.


Schedule your appointment with our licensed, in-house psychiatrist.

Mental health is wealth. Walk-ins welcomed.


Serving the underserved community, every Saturday with hot, home-cooked meals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get PEP?

You can obtain PEP from FCCD INC. directly. With our in-house Pharmacy and on site Dr./Pharmacist, this process is simplified and an easy fill process. If this is urgent or an emergency, please visit your local emergency room for assistance.

Do I have to take a HIV test to get PEP?

This is not mandatory to receive PEP medication but highly recommended. After a consultation with a healthcare professional, you will be educated on risk & amp; asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that you are opting out of testing & amp; negative to the best of your knowledge.

Are there side effects?
The side effects of PEP are very mild and minimal. You may experience: fatigue, headaches or light stomach aches.
How will I know PEP was effective?
After completing your 28-day dose of PEP, you will schedule a visit to get an updated HIV test 4-6 weeks after exposure and again at 3 months to ensure PEP was affective for you.
What if I need PEP again?
If you have to use your emergency dose of PEP, further consult will be needed to discuss long term prevention methods, such as PREP.
How much is PEP?
PEP is no cost with accepting insurances.